Inefficiency [noun]

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Unfortunately, this approach still stands out against the inefficiency of most of our energy use today.

Centralizing content creates easy accessWhen marketing teams are dealing with large volumes of content, inefficiencies in content management can significantly impact day-to-day operations.

They could consider their former selves, the quick spenders of a not-so-distant past, and turn an unmoving market into their own inefficiency.

BERT has been a big contributor to passage ranking research enthusiasm, and likely due to the aforementioned issues with BERt’s transformer architecture inefficiency and length constraints.

After spending decades chasing inefficiencies, there are fewer to be found than ever before.

In the age of more strikeouts and two-strike counts, putting the ball in play is a market inefficiency.

Liss-Riordan argued that for Arise, the inefficiency of individual arbitration was the point.

Once you have that map, you can start looking for points of inefficiency.

The Brackeens are capitalists, out to capture a market inefficiency to find returns in an overlooked part of the country, among overlooked founders.

They plan to expand to Chicago, Indianapolis and Tulsa, Oklahoma, to capture a market inefficiency.