Incapability [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Incapability:

The Republican Party, which has shown itself to be comprehensively incapable of governing responsibly, will now pose as the guardians of responsible governing.

A patient with this condition may, for example, be incapable of naming animals or plants, but unimpaired at naming human-made objects.

Because companies using it lack access to their users’ encryption key, the companies are incapable of giving law enforcement access to users’ communications.

While I was a capable, responsible child, there were many times, as most of my teachers could attest to, when I was incapable of controlling my impulses.

Beyond pointing unregistered voters to their websites, or trying to do outdoor registration drives in a pandemic, election officials are unprepared and incapable of finding and registering eligible Americans who are not participating in democracy.

Mobs of people filled the streets, wildly denouncing the incapability of a Government which could lead them to such disaster.

Mr. King testily asked Ann Canham, when she was timidly confessing her incapability in the culinary art.

"A distinct case of intoxication plus incapability," observed Granby.

The most painful thing of all was to hear him improvise on stringed instruments, owing to his incapability of tuning them.

His Pierrot of the Minute was himself, and his Cynara was the ever vanishing vision of his own insecurity and incapability.