Nerve [noun]

Definition of Nerve:

daring, boldness

Opposite/Antonyms of Nerve:

Sentence/Example of Nerve:

I wonder you got the nerve to sit there now with maybe ten men trailin' you to this cabin.

There he stood for a moment, and Andrew knew that he was gathering his nerve.

There aren't three men in the country with the nerve and the hand for it.

She had come through so much that every nerve was crying in passionate protest.

"Now stop this nerve strain and this foolishness," he said tersely.

It is the signal "all is well," passed from one nerve cell to another.

It was nearly all for Monny; but Monny must not know, lest she should lose her nerve when it was needed most.

He waited, every nerve and fibre of him tense for her answer.

"He's got nerve—I'll say that much for him," she observed aloud, and went on.

You have supposed Mr Meagles and his family to strain every nerve, I think you said—'