Mettle [noun]

Definition of Mettle:

boldness, strength of character

Synonyms of Mettle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mettle:

Sentence/Example of Mettle:

They'll be on their mettle, the both of 'em, more 'specially Diablo.

The assistant was on his mettle, and either failed or triumphed.

This set me on my mettle, and I worked hard and with some success.

Yet you have heart and mettle, I believe, else you would not be here.'

We think that it is a mistake to put our artists on their mettle in this way.

The old man, despite this unexpected fall, was just beginning to show his mettle.

Equally true is it that he tests the mettle of those with him day by day.

Now it was six to six and he knew the mettle of the three recruits that had joined the miners.

It put the British major on his mettle to keep pace with him.

I had now an opportunity of seeing what kind of mettle my friends were made of.