Fortitude [noun]

Definition of Fortitude:

strength of mind; guts

Opposite/Antonyms of Fortitude:

Sentence/Example of Fortitude:

The resilience, determination and mental fortitude of this man is unmatched.

Their fortitude was tested with the first trading day of the New Year.

That’s why she emphasizes investors need to be selective on these “experience-based companies” because “they need the balance sheet fortitude really to get through another 12 months of no revenue.”

So much of the impetus behind the house meal is an easy vehicle for soothing flavors, for times when you’re overwhelmed, busy, exhausted, or just don’t have the mental fortitude to make a bigger grocery list or cook something more elaborate.

I think the discipline and the mental fortitude really helped me with all those walking hours.

But Aunt Ri did not know what forces of fortitude had been gathering in Ramona's soul during these last bitter years.

He faced his loss with stoical fortitude, as I believe he would have confronted any disaster that life could bring.

Recovering her fortitude, she sat down and wrote to M. Roland a minute account of all her proceedings.

With an animated countenance and a cheerful smile, she was all engrossed in endeavoring to infuse fortitude into his soul.

Woman's nature triumphs over philosophic fortitude, and she finds momentary relief in a flood of tears.