Determination [noun]

Definition of Determination:


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Sentence/Example of Determination:

Courts don’t generally review the president’s determinations on questions of national security, Dempsey said before the case was filed.

In making this determination, she’d relied exclusively on documents turned over to her by Cisterra.

For instance, a well-known system that categorizes seven basic emotions communicated by the same facial expressions in all cultures does not include expressions of pain and of the combination of determination and strain.

Belarusians are increasingly unable to tolerate the authoritarian tactics of Lukashenko and the determination to oust him is clear.

If they did, they’d have to recuse themselves, because the property owner could allege the “judge” had made a determination before he went to “trial.”

It was very disappointing and upsetting, but I was actually happy once we did get the call notifying me that we would have the site and since that determination was made, we’ve made the best of that site.

Applying the language of Krakauer and Flack’s paper, “we can see the traces of both intrinsic, organismal individuality and environmental determination, even in what are likely to be some of the oldest known animals,” Hoyal Cuthill said.

The developer appealed that determination to the county Planning Commission, and won.

There’s also a strong sense of determination and resilience.

If you think of it in a certain way, it adds a certain type of determination.