Decision [noun]

Definition of Decision:

conclusion; resolution reached

Opposite/Antonyms of Decision:

Sentence/Example of Decision:

The bubble’s proximity provided convenience to players weighing group decisions, total authority over game proceedings to the league, plus a controlled environment when it came to health and safety.

There also needs to be transparency about who’s making the decisions and who they’re interacting with.

You learn earlier on if this is the type of person with whom you can make difficult decisions.

The paper’s personnel decisions, accordingly, draw more scrutiny than those at the average news organization.

At that point, you had even less of an opportunity to get your viewpoint out because you had to hope that someone would write a story or broadcast a story, decisions that were controlled by a few massive companies.

The Bucs will have a good chance to return to the Super Bowl, but first they face key free agent decisions.

We came to a decision that it’s better to postpone the game.

The decision to project the image of a full stadium seems even odder given the NFL’s efforts to limit the virus in other ways.

It’s not too late to back out, and a significant portion of the league’s fans would welcome the decision in light of the pandemic.

We may not all have a troublemaking governess in our lives, but I have found the countless discussions at the playground with other dads and moms provide ample opportunities for introspection and reassessing my parental decisions in our own home.