Judgment [noun]

Definition of Judgment:

common sense

Opposite/Antonyms of Judgment:

Sentence/Example of Judgment:

For now, Windheim is relying on her own judgment to make that call.

The treatment involves applying electrodes to a spot in the brain called the internal capsule, and works by stimulating connections to the prefrontal cortex to improve cognitive functions such as perception and judgment.

At its root, reinforcement learning is learning from your mistakes in judgment.

A few air purifier models are consistently highly ranked by reputable reviewers, though you’ll have to make your own judgment when balancing factors like price, room size, and design.

At some point, it becomes a judgment call, which is why jurisdictions’ rules vary so much.

It requires clear-headed judgment, a mastery of complex and competing issues, a devotion to facts and history, a moral compass, and an ability to listen — and an abiding belief that each of the 330,000,000 lives in this country has meaning and worth.

According to this theory, we make judgments about other people—including their character and social status—based on how they talk.

This, explained Rinberg, is known as the primacy effect in nature—that is, animals need to immediately form an assessment of friend versus foe based on initial, instantaneous judgments.

Encourage everyone on the team to constantly review the performance of their own work without judgment.

When judgment is imposed upon one person based on how they may speak, that same judgment may then be imposed onto an entire group, allowing the development of unconscious bias against that person and their community of origin.