Rationality [noun]

Definition of Rationality:


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Sentence/Example of Rationality:

I impugn neither his morality nor his motives—only his rationality.

The theory of rationality is the one at present accepted in political science.

There is nought to urge against its rationality and its utility.

The truth has no concern with appearance, but is answerable only to the test of rationality.

Surely, he continued, as we are images of God we must know that God is the perfection of rationality.

Rationality in man is not shut up in one air-tight compartment.

The rationality of self-regard seemed to me as undeniable as the rationality of self-sacrifice.

Our adventurer was not so mad, but that he saw and owned the rationality of these remarks.

The next year it seems to have had a small side-blow of rationality.

It is the rationality of the dogmas of that theology that Coleridge had a taste for proving.