Acuteness [noun]

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Research has shown that antiviral medications administered shortly after the onset of symptoms were found to be effective against acute viral infections such as flu.

If you’re rehabbing an acute injury, check in with a physical therapist before beginning this routine.

Candia said the older brother was suffering from acute heat stroke after spending two hours in the car’s trunk.

Both parties united to stop Metzger from winning in November, with the national Democratic chair calling his primary victory “an acute embarrassment.”

The act of foraging, a completely unchanged activity in a pandemic, possesses the acute ability to make me forget about the state of things entirely.

There are several reasons why this change is a challenge for advertisers, and why it may be even more acute for advertisers in more niche markets.

Over the decades, its portfolio had expanded to include almost every malady, chronic or acute.

Last year the WFP “provided assistance to close to 100 million people in 88 countries who are victims of acute food insecurity and hunger,” per the press release.

In smaller places with less cushion, the concerns remain acute.

The hemorrhage of “non-renewals” grew so acute that California’s insurance commissioner essentially instituted a circuit-breaker halt and declared a one-year moratorium.