Comprehension [noun]

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Other species would be able to think about and solve problems in ways that are outside our space of comprehension.

The TI-84 Plus CE makes comprehension and mastery of math and science topics quicker, easier, lighter, and brighter with color graphing and a slim design.

Even today, chiaroscuro remains a powerful tool of discovery and comprehension.

Below are some illustrations of its lack of comprehension—all, as we will see later, prefigured in an earlier critique that one of us wrote about GPT-3’s predecessor.

It certainly won’t help identify life beyond our own solar system, which could be completely beyond human comprehension, like the sentient ocean of plasma that the writer Stanisław Lem imagined in his 1961 novel Solaris.

She has embodied in her work a modern comprehension of old legends.

It is beyond the comprehension of any man not blinded by superstition, not warped by prejudice and old-time convention.

This is given in the next few pages, and it will be found to be easy of comprehension and interesting to a surprising degree.

The mysterious letter was handed round our circle in succession, and seemed equally beyond comprehension to us all.

To Madame Ratignolle he said the music dispensed at her soirees was too "heavy," too far beyond his untrained comprehension.