Discrimination [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Discrimination:

No one should be at risk of discrimination simply because of who they are, whom they love, or the state in which they reside.

Former co-CEO Eileen Murray sued Bridgewater in July over her deferred compensation, and alleged gender discrimination in an ongoing battle over her departure package.

They battled harassment, discrimination, and a wall of socio-political opposition.

On August 31, Airbnb launched Project Lighthouse, an initiative meant to “uncover, measure, and overcome discrimination” on the home-sharing platform.

Observers told the Blade they think the audience is not LGBTQ voters, but suburban mothers who are fearful of discrimination against their children and friends.

That’s out and out discrimination against people with mental health conditions.

She also told the Blade they are more vulnerable to discrimination and violence because of their gender identity.

These differences in language and performance standards are a form of discrimination to eliminate.

Unfortunately, we have yet to reach a time when LGBTQ individuals are free from discrimination and the fear of social marginalization and violence.

Truth be told, discrimination takes shape in multiple forms, and accentism is just one of the many forms that are alive and well in modern American society.