Intolerance [noun]

Definition of Intolerance:

lack of willingness to tolerate

Synonyms of Intolerance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intolerance:

Sentence/Example of Intolerance:

Normalize calling out microaggressions and intervening rather than standing by during incidents of intolerance.

“The scapegoating and targeting of a minority group, for political purposes, feeds intolerance and discrimination, damaging all of society,” said Bachelet.

Instead she worried about creeping intolerance now within her own party.

Systemic intolerance of the trans community has plagued this country for too long and this presidency has done nothing but further that.

Each of these new ways of living are met with resistance and intolerance by others in the book.

Why is religious intolerance so much more fierce and bitter than political intolerance?

It is more remarkable that there was so much toleration in the last century, than that there was also so much intolerance.

Religious intolerance had driven the most industrious of the working classes to find a refuge in Holland or England.

He believed him, with that cheerful intolerance which a certain type of mind affects, capable of anything.

The spirit of the local Government and of the clergy that controlled it was intolerance.