Dogmatism [noun]

Definition of Dogmatism:

intolerance, prejudice

Synonyms of Dogmatism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dogmatism:

Sentence/Example of Dogmatism:

The dogmatism and pedantry upon which it is based are easily confuted.

But on the other side the complete solution of this problem leads either to Spinozistic or to Leibnitzian dogmatism.

The weapons of reason appear to fall impotent before its haughty dogmatism.

Throughout his metaphysical speculations Galen reproduces and amplifies the Hippocratic dogmatism.

The earlier teachings and practice of Salernum were a curious mixture of methodism, dogmatism, and superstition.

In this work we find a Ruskin without dogmatism, uncertainty, or man-worship.

We may take this as an illustration of the difference between dogmatism and science in the strategy of the class struggle.

By recognising and guarding against the dogmatism of theorists and the dangers of centralization.

Dogmatism about nature, or about anything else, very often turns out to be an ungrateful cur that bites the hand that reared it.

The good that Laud did by his gifts—and he was a munificent patron of learning—he destroyed by his dogmatism.