Fanaticism [noun]

Definition of Fanaticism:


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Sentence/Example of Fanaticism:

The wave of religious fanaticism sweeping over the land might recede as rapidly as it had risen.

The abbey was founded by William the Lion in 1178, but war, fire and fanaticism have left it sadly fragmentary.

Against plays, players, and playgoers they waged in pulpit and pamphlet a warfare characterized by the most intense fanaticism.

But no story is too absurd to be imposed on minds blinded by religious and political fanaticism.

In short, he knows little of the human mind who does not know that fanaticism renders the populace capable of anything.

Against her inclination, Andrea cast a second look on the face animated by a feeling like a martyr's in fanaticism.

An enthusiast in dying proves nothing but that religious fanaticism is often stronger than the love of life.

Assassination and incendiarism were the common instruments of this diabolical association of fanaticism and bigotry.

Do you not see, in fact, the excesses to which fanaticism and zeal drive the wisest and best meaning men?

No fanaticism, however, has marked and disfigured the stately forms of his thoughts, on the subject of the extinction of slavery.