Infatuation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Infatuation:

Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll made no secret about his infatuation with passing this season.

Grantham cites the fleeting embrace of Kodak, Hertz, and Nikola, and especially enduring infatuation with Tesla, as hallmarks of a market gone loco.

Even though I had moved to New York City, a place surrounded by water—and even, I heard, decent surf breaks—my infatuation remained theoretical, my relationship platonic.

President Wilson’s idealism, a brief outburst of radicalism, and an infatuation with prohibition quickly gave way to a decade-long desire to party.

Elizabeth, meanwhile, was filled with alarms respecting her daughter's unhappy infatuation.

He had at once plunged74 himself in difficulties with his barons by his infatuation for Piers de Gaveston.

When one considers a phenomenon of such range and intensity, it does not suffice to employ words like infatuation, fashion, mania.

There were others of the same infatuation, whom, because they are Roman citizens, I have noted down to be sent to the city (Rome).

This infatuation is the more extraordinary because few of the adventurers knew to what place they were going.

Thy foreseeing wisdom takes care to send infatuation upon these detestable men who are so dangerous to us.