Obsession [noun]

Definition of Obsession:

fixation; consumption with belief, desire

Synonyms of Obsession:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obsession:

Sentence/Example of Obsession:

He clasped his head in his hands and strove to clear his mind for a moment from obsession.

It haunted me; it was an obsession and a perpetual nightmare.

As I drudged on down there in the warehouse, my bitterness became an obsession.

But naturally Peter did not confide his obsession to Lalkhan.

Paula looked appealingly at Bell, but he had become a man with an obsession.

Somehow the obsession of these bonefishermen began to be less puzzling to me.

Aside from that, the desire to see the girl had become an obsession.

It was there, nevertheless, almost amounting to an obsession.

One idea rushed into their minds suddenly and became an obsession.

That was always his weakness; now it seems to be his obsession.