Phobia [noun]

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In cities the choice of animals which can become the object of phobia is not great.

He ran away years ago and she's gotten a phobia about people.

The phobia is thrown before the anxiety like a fortress on the frontier.

The phobia had been further complicated by the traumatic qualities of his experience in the Dream Shop.

If I'd known anything about Pietro's expedition, I'd have wrapped myself in my phobia and loved it.

She had been afraid of menstruation and of marriage, and had at this time almost a phobia for pregnancy and childbirth.

Or the effect may be the development of a phobia that in extreme cases may cause the death of the patient.

A phobia is an insistent and engrossing fear, without adequate cause as judged by ordinary standards.

The phobia is almost universal; it has permeated all classes of society from highest to lowest.

I reported the Analysis of the Phobia of a five-year-old Boy which the father of the little patient had put at my disposal.