Loathing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Loathing:

He’s horrid, except that he’s nice and willing to stay yoked to this woman bristling with anxieties, loathings and yearnings.

The leftoversBoth love and loathing of leftovers are as old as Thanksgiving itself.

Thus was he spared the look of utter loathing, of unconquerable, irrepressible disgust that leapt into her countenance.

She had seen her advantage in his loathing of the proposed union with Tressan, and she had used it to the full.

Why did Ricetto, Bruno and Servetus in the hour of martyrdom turn with loathing from that sacred emblem, the crucifix?

With loathing and contempt Maxgregor indicated the bed on which the King of Asturia was lying.

With a look of intense loathing the queen bent down and laid her head on the sleeper's breast.

A dozen of these terse but meaningless sayings now dance before our recollection, for who has not heard them, even to loathing?

It was regarded with a loathing and abhorrence more intense than that in which the felons gibbet is held to-day.

As the minutes passed, and the rain still streamed against the windows, a loathing of the place and the people came over Charity.