Attraction [noun]

Definition of Attraction:

ability to draw attention; something that draws attention

Synonyms of Attraction:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attraction:

Sentence/Example of Attraction:

Ironically, these attempts to please the algorithm often meant losing the very flexibility that was one of the attractions of gig work.

The last week of August is not the best time to visit Europe for anything other than empty tourist attractions.

The Ashland Mural Walk in Wisconsin’s far north is a leading tourist attraction for the town of 8,200 people.

The research, conducted with Markey’s ex-wife, psychology professor Charlotte Markey, used surveys and statistical modelling to explore the connection between personality, romantic attraction, and relationship quality.

The infant universe was so smooth that the gravitational attraction of ordinary matter alone wouldn’t have been enough to gather particles into galaxies, stars and planets.

The first one is traffic attraction, the second – external optimization.

A number of visitor attractions have started to offer immersive VR experiences and access to online collections via the Google Arts & Culture app.

Its attraction was once described to me as being “complicated, but not too complicated.”

Pitch corresponds to the range of the voice, and expresses affection or attraction.

In 1884 she once more yielded to the attraction that Paris had for her, and there made a great advance in her painting.