Chemistry [noun]

Definition of Chemistry:

arrangement, arranging

Opposite/Antonyms of Chemistry:

Sentence/Example of Chemistry:

After all, natural environments are preferable to garbage dumps, natural foods are nearly always healthier than stuff concocted in a chemistry lab.

Nurkić has picked up right where he left off, showcasing wonderful chemistry with the team’s two scoring stars.

The team has bought into the system the staff has created and also focused on chemistry during the offseason.

“There is something special about planets like the Earth that protect this kind of chemistry,” Sasselov said.

But, he adds, the data don’t yet paint a clear picture of the roles that blue light and ferritin play in the glow’s chemistry.

This team succeeded because it brought together experts from fields as diverse as chemistry, botany and medieval literature.

Team chemistry, for example — how well people get along — will likely remain hard to measure.

The technology is such a big deal that the scientists who made key advances took home the 2019 Nobel Prize in chemistry.

This well-known chart is found in chemistry textbooks and on classroom walls.

I started hanging out in the chemistry department more because I felt comfortable and welcomed there.