Forming [verb]

Definition of Forming:

bring into existence; make, produce

Opposite/Antonyms of Forming:

Sentence/Example of Forming:

All our intelligent students will insist upon learning what they can of these discussions and forming opinions for themselves.

They are ovoid in shape, and lie in pairs, end to end, often forming short chains.

So far, except that he possessed an exceptionally charming voice, I had no chance of forming an opinion of my cousin's fiancé.

Oh that their ranks could be kept filled and that a mould so unique was being used to its fullest in forming new regulars.

The backs are mostly cut the reverse way of the grain to the present rule, forming what are now termed "slab" backs.

His corps bore its share in the horrors of the retreat from Moscow, forming for some time the rear guard.

Streptococci are arranged side by side, forming chains of variable length (Fig. 114).

Starch is insoluble in cold water, but by boiling, it dissolves, forming a thick paste.

On three sides the surrounding ground rose steeply, forming an irregular horseshoe mound that opened to the west.

The added Portraits all neatly inlaid, and the whole forming a rare and highly interesting Collection.