Concoct [verb]

Definition of Concoct:

formulate, think up

Synonyms of Concoct:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concoct:

Sentence/Example of Concoct:

"But you must concoct something with more staying power," he went on.

I must concoct a letter and explain my views; and the more I can make him understand how things really are the better.

All that region abounds in sweet, wild apples, from which the Indians concoct a fermented liquor which they call chi-chi.

I marched on with my men, leaving him and Belfort to concoct whatever mischief they would.

In story-telling, those who concoct the biggest lies receive the most applause.

And I think that between us,—between Merton and me, that is,—we can concoct a letter that shall be efficacious.

No, Herr Custer, you will have to concoct a more plausible tale.

Why, you fear Him with every devilish performance you concoct.

It would appear, that they carry on all sorts of idolatrous worship, and concoct schemes of rebellion.

He spent the morning trying to concoct simple springs out of bark strips and whippy branches.