Invent [verb]

Definition of Invent:

create, think up

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Sentence/Example of Invent:

If putting the purpose of a business at the heart of corporate law does all of that, one might well wonder why we invented the corporation in the first place.

In 1994, mathematician Peter Shor invented an algorithm, that if run on a sufficiently powerful quantum computer, would easily find these two primes.

It was a British TV company that wanted him to invent a language for monsters with no lips, just big teeth, in a new fantasy series, Beowulf.

By September, the Justice Department drops all charges after it is revealed that the schematics were of an entirely different device that Xi had invented.

His goal is to refine and commercialize technology, rather than invent anything entirely new.

The stories that are covered often only tackle technological or market solutions that have yet to be invented or produced.

In her research, Legare — who invents rituals to see how children understand such practices — has shown that children use rituals to identify and reinforce connections with members of their own group while shunning those outside the group.

I was always one of those kids that constantly thought of different business ideas and tried to invent things.

As for its historical context, the Gastraphetes was possibly invented between the period of 421 BC to 401 BC, by Zopyros – a Pythagorean engineer from Southern Italy.

My job was basically to discover and invent things and follow my curiosity.