Project [noun]

Definition of Project:

undertaking, work

Synonyms of Project:

Opposite/Antonyms of Project:

Sentence/Example of Project:

The lord-mayor soon withdrew his countenance from the project.

It was a project which pleased her taste, and gratified her aristocratic notions.

But in his heart, I am sure, he was relieved by my perseverance in the project.

Mr. Field invited Mr. Gisborne to his house in order to discuss the project.

Startling as this may now seem, I am confident the time will come when the project will be realised.'

He explained this to Mr Bevan, and stated what their project was.

In the passages, too, there had been a deal of talk about the famous Trans-Saharan project.

No one offered any opposition to the principle of the project.

Does not your brother's project convince you more and more of this?

I would not have you be too sure that their project to seize you is over.