Intention [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Intention:

He’s allowing that perhaps the prosecutors mean well, but as the Lewis quote suggests, even those good intentions can give way to overzealousness.

Survey respondents also indicated a corresponding intention to spend more with small businesses.

Custom affinity audiences with keywords will convert to “People with any of these interests or purchase intentions,” as will Display custom intent audiences.

And, yes, you can create an intention to meditate, drink more water, and start journaling.

Of course, the model has no intention to deceive or convince.

Not long after declaring his intention to run, Tikhanovsky was arrested and prevented from registering as a candidate.

Still, Facebook is starting to talk about technical solutions to the problem with buyers who say that the platform’s execs wouldn’t do so unless there was intention to act on a solution.

The intention is to reach the target audience with a hope that they will interact with the site and join the opt-in action, which might be in the form of subscribing to a newsletter or signing-up.

Gorsuch is best known as a conservative jurist, concerned about the specific texts of laws and the original intentions behind them.

Publish content with the intention of providing solutions to problems and relevant questions.