Animus [noun]

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AWS’s decision to effectively terminate Parler’s account is apparently motivated by political animus.

“EEOC received corroborating testimony from dozens of witnesses nationwide supporting a discriminatory animus based on age,” the agency said.

In a long experience he had never seen animus against a witness so recklessly exhibited as by counsel in this case.

I submit that this assists us to understand the animus of the converted Mason and the lengths to which it has taken him.

It is impossible not to admire the lofty tone, free from personal animus, which is seen in all Calhoun's speeches.

Animus, an′im-us, n. intention: actuating spirit: prejudice against.

Pierre rapidly gained control of his temper, but he shifted his animus from the lust of gain to the glutting of revenge.

And even any secret fear could not hold her animus against the man who understood her wholly in check.

These peaceable traits are in great part alien to the methods and the animus of barbarian life.

Animus imbutus malis artibus haud facile lubidinibus carebat: eo profusius omnibus modis quæstui atque sumtui deditus erat.