Hope [noun]

Definition of Hope:

longing; dream

Opposite/Antonyms of Hope:

Sentence/Example of Hope:

The hope is to get them to start heeding the principles in their products and influence other companies and organizations to do the same.

“You cannot gas the company and throw unlimited resources at problems and hope for the best, which a lot of startups do and this one did as well,” he says.

Not really, because the substitute for Kodak was so radically different, in Instagram, as a way of sharing memories and photos, that they probably had no hope.

That may be ambitious rhetoric, pinning a lot of hope on what a digital version might do for the yuan’s global standing.

The hope is that all those activations help turn Amazon into a branding channel for Buick, whether it’s targeted ads in cars, on the marketplace or on Amazon Fire TV.

The Heat essentially opted to sell out in hopes of slowing Antetokounmpo down.

Conference commissioners are leaving stadium capacity arrangements up to member schools with the hope that local, state and campus guidelines will influence those decisions.

Others are starting with virtual learning and hope to have kids walking the halls by late fall.

There is also the hope that more of the needed materials can be harvested through recycling.

I kept making the miles that I needed to break Jennifer’s record, and I kept holding out hope, but by the time I got through Shenandoah National Park, it was clear that it wasn’t getting better and that I wasn’t getting the recovery that I needed.