Reliance [noun]

Definition of Reliance:


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Sentence/Example of Reliance:

She has such a strong attachment to you and reliance on you.

And why is her own reliance on my honour so late and so reluctantly shown?

Her reliance on his secrecy, and his tacit acquiescence, increased his distress of mind.

A curious sense of reliance upon his superiority in years had come to him.

What have been the consequences in America of reliance upon this formula?

But in the judicial branch of the government is where, after all, we must place our reliance.

She was like a child in her reliance on my sagacity and skill.

No reliance can be placed upon the opinions of the English press at the time.

On you, every reliance is placed; and I wish I could say as much for every flag-officer afloat.

Etana's reliance upon the eagle leads to disgrace and defeat.