Credence [noun]

Definition of Credence:

trust, acceptance

Synonyms of Credence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Credence:

Sentence/Example of Credence:

This was a movement we launched through broad public media-awareness campaigns and advocacy, and it gained credence with technology designers, concerned parents, and students.

Certainly, Brent Leary, lead analyst at CRM Essentials sees Taylor gaining increasing responsibility as time goes along, giving credence to the idea.

The question is whether it’s substantial enough to launch an effort that gives credence to suspicions that it actually mattered — or could matter.

Media analyst Matthew Ball made the comparison back in March and the latest record-breaking event on Fortnite gives credence to that.

The study presents another finding that lends credence to these scenarios.

Methodical and efficient, Alex Smith wins first start since before his injuryRivera gives that argument little credence.

The person who didn’t, on the other hand, probably shouldn’t give a negative test result too much credence.

Mr. Gryce surveyed the young man with admiration, but was not yet disposed to yield him entire credence.

He heard the bishop's words regarding the King's intention, yet hesitated to give them credence.

A credence in ghosts is profound in Japan, and it resembles, in every respect, that which has been so long current in Europe.