Misgiving [noun]

Definition of Misgiving:


Synonyms of Misgiving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misgiving:

Sentence/Example of Misgiving:

I have a misgiving that there is something dark at work here, Tom.

I have kept everything together, from a misgiving that an hour would come.

I went to your house with a good deal of misgiving, Mr. Paine.

I doubt if either of them entertained a misgiving as to what must be the issue.

When this misgiving passed, it was succeeded by something of the nature of regret.

Half in misgiving, half in wantonness, she turned aside and hid in the ditch.

She had simply marched in without a shadow of misgiving to make me back her up.

In the whole assembly there is not one who has any doubt or misgiving.

He asks if any of them has any doubt or misgiving as to the Buddha, or the truth, or the faith, or the way.

"No, I don't think he did that, Cornelia," said the mother with some misgiving.