Sureness [noun]

Definition of Sureness:


Synonyms of Sureness:

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Sentence/Example of Sureness:

He spoke with the sureness of a man of wealth, confident that money will salve any wound.

Then thou, Caius Nepos, art not certain of the sureness of thy hand?

When she plays Chopin, she interprets his sureness and neatness.

The light enabled all three to do their work with rapidity and sureness.

But it was all over now; his enthusiasm and sureness had fled.

It brings a man to a place of sureness as to his religious relationships.

And each had a meaning which he read with a sureness that was almost instinctive.

His protective manner, and his sureness, and his intimacy, puzzled her.

Now he must trust to the strength of his arm, to the sureness of his aim.

Somehow I feel sure that you and I have won to happiness, now, won to sureness.