Theory [noun]

Definition of Theory:

hypothesis, belief

Opposite/Antonyms of Theory:

Sentence/Example of Theory:

Here is one theory that swallows up and annihilates all others.

I thought him as true a representative of the people as ever theory could portray.

But the interference must be regulated by some theory of the individual's rights.

It is time now, I think, to test my theory by considering the converse of it.

He keeps playing with action as an artist plays with a theory.

"I think that was carrying your theory a little too far," said the professor dubiously.

The rest of my theory is embodied in the foregoing narrative.

Fragments of knowledge came to him, but nothing on which to build a theory of what was wrong.

She had come to believe almost his theory of the future, since it was not repugnant to her prejudices.

Half my theory proved just; that is saying a great deal for any theory.