Codification [noun]

Definition of Codification:

law of a government

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Sentence/Example of Codification:

Codification, in short, means centralisation in one department.

Closely connected with the reform of the currency and the codification of the commercial law was the reform of the banking laws.

There was no intellectual power, as distinguished from intellectual energy, behind this codification.

It consists of a codification of the Latin diagnoses of all the genera of Flowering Plants.

In all these cases the codification partook, to some extent, of the character of a compact between the king and the Church.

The idea of a codification of the Law of Nations in its totality arose at the end of the eighteenth century.

It was not until 1861 that a real attempt was made to show the possibility of a codification.

I am decidedly not a blind and enthusiastic admirer of codification in general.

Codification certainly interferes with the so-called organic growth of the law through usage into custom.

It cannot be maintained that codification is everywhere, at all times, and under all circumstances opportune.