Regulation [noun]

Definition of Regulation:

managing, organizing

Opposite/Antonyms of Regulation:

Sentence/Example of Regulation:

There is one feature of the regulation in question, however, that does pain us.

He would like to say, however, that he strongly believed in regulation.

The regulation of your time and occupations would be your own.

In medical circles the system of regulation has generally been defended.

Finding the way long, he opened the book and read the regulation prayers.

I need hardly say that this regulation is peculiar to the Royal Academy.

He kept in his own hands, too, the regulation of the studies of Chebron and Mysa.

And quite in the regulation manner they strolled along, puffing cigarettes.

“And so you are here to enforce the Regulation Act,” said Putnam.

I broke every regulation in the book last night when I talked to Malinowski.