Tuning [verb]

Definition of Tuning:

bring into harmony

Synonyms of Tuning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tuning:





Sentence/Example of Tuning:

Eugen was tuning his violin, when a touch on the shoulder roused me.

Already the theatre was full and the orchestra was tuning up.

Then the tuning coil is adjusted until the signals are loudest.

Later, a G was added above and below, and the tuning was that at b.

He had received 100 dollars for tuning the organ at the Cathedral.

In front of the stage the orchestra was tuning its instruments.

It is only Hund, tuning his violin, because they have all done supper.

The blackbirds out in the orchard were tuning up for evening.

We ourselves by the tuning of our own thoughts determine which it shall accomplish.

The crickets in the corn-field were tuning their wings for their habitual evening concert.