Integrate [verb]

Definition of Integrate:

mix, merge

Opposite/Antonyms of Integrate:

Sentence/Example of Integrate:

The Mach-E’s quirks and bugsAs we have seen with most of these dauntingly complex integrated infotainment systems with enough lines of programming code to fly spacecraft, bugs appear.

The number of enterprises successfully integrating voice SEO in their marketing strategy is increasing by leaps and bounds.

Because data sits at the heart of media, and will be at the heart of every integrated proposition for clients.

To do this, it integrates with large corporates on the purchase side and then funds suppliers by paying up to 60% of the purchase order value upfront and the remainder immediately upon delivery.

Well, it integrates with Microsoft’s other collaboration tools like SharePoint and Yammer, along with LinkedIn Learning and other training services, and it also includes team analytics.

In 2015, Whitman-Walker Health became the first federally qualified health center to integrate CSC’s services into its care model.

Uber plans to integrate Drizly into its system, allowing Drizly to reach Uber’s customers while Uber, well, lists more alcohol.

Yet the public is rarely afforded an opportunity to even debate the technology’s legal and social implications while it quietly integrates into the background of everyday life.

Yeah, and find a way to live alongside it, to integrate it, to acknowledge it without making it the whole point of your life.

In February, Merz pledged to “integrate those on the margins into the centre of the party”.