Conjoin [verb]

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This will the wife notices; but she does not conjoin herself with it, except pretendedly or in the way of sport.

But in case they are not influenced by internal affections, which conjoin minds, the bonds of matrimony are loosed in the house.

Unless the external affections are influenced by internal, which conjoin minds, the bonds of wedlock are loosed in the house, 275.

The intention of all mystic ceremonies, according to Sallustius, was to conjoin the world and the gods.

Although some of us may conjoin the attitudes successfully, in most of us they must conflict.

With this ferment we must conjoin, as an essential condition of acetification, the free access of atmospheric air.

Place your fingers on either side of your head where the jaws conjoin, and open your mouth quickly and with intention.

The matter and the mode conjoin to make this a charming performance.

How happily do they all conjoin to fit this world for the exercise of our senses and our reason!

These spheres meet each other in each world, but do not conjoin, 436, 455.