Couple [noun]

Definition of Couple:

pair of things

Synonyms of Couple:

Opposite/Antonyms of Couple:

Sentence/Example of Couple:

He thus decoyed them away, and the fortunate couple were enabled to reach the British lines under cover of the darkness.

They had the advantage in position and numbers, but Guitar had the advantage in having a couple of pieces of artillery.

It consisted in a couple of snakes in old gold clenching an enormous topaz between their heads.

Martini prepared a couple of stout mules, and concealed them amongst the thickets on the opposite side of the fosse.

This takes at first the crude device of a couple of vertical lines attached to the head (see Fig. 4).

Soon the couple excited attention, of which both seemed to be wholly unaware.

They halted, and while debating what best to do, a couple of guerrillas came riding towards them.

Fix up a couple of dummy sacks, you know, and get them to camp and packed on the horse without letting them see what's inside.

I stayed with my drink until Jorgensen drifted in to have a couple with me and talk of the old days.

When the old couple became bankrupt and died, the old nurse found herself alone and almost destitute in the world.