Compound [noun]

Definition of Compound:

combination, mixture

Synonyms of Compound:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compound:

Sentence/Example of Compound:

With Covid-19 compounding the health threat of wildfire smoke, this year’s fires are putting an unprecedented strain on communities.

This could release compounds that might move through the air — right to someone’s nose.

A leucine-rich diet may increase your risk of obesity or type 2 diabetes, in theory because the compound sends your body a “time to grow!”

At Towson University in Maryland, chemist Shannon Stitzel is tracing cocoa to its roots using organic compounds, which are mostly produced by the cocoa plant itself.

Local media reports that Beijing initiated the idea of universal testing, rather than Hong Kong’s Legislative Council, have compounded those concerns.

The drop is due, in part, to “growing anti-China sentiment that was compounded by stringent actions taken by the government,” Jain said.

This compounds the impact of his high usage rate because he’s getting more possessions to work with on the court than a typical player does.

Let nature take its courseWhat we smell are the volatile compounds sweat-loving bacteria release into the air—and it doesn’t take a high concentration to detect them, since the human nose is surprisingly sensitive.

After a sample had been warmed for nearly two days it was releasing a low but constant amount of volatile compounds, and adding sunlight caused a new spike.

The world can also cut the direct emissions from AC by switching to alternative refrigerants, the critical compounds within cooling devices that absorb heat from the air.