Synthesis [noun]

Definition of Synthesis:

combining; combination

Synonyms of Synthesis:

Opposite/Antonyms of Synthesis:

Sentence/Example of Synthesis:

Master of a complex art, his nature complex, the synthesis was irresistible.

It would kill those Synthesis girls if they knew how he had been talking to you.

She came to say she could not take the time from the Synthesis to pay me that little visit.

That's why the Synthesis is so good for me; it concentrates me, if it is on a block hand.

These are just some pipes that I got the men at the Synthesis to give me; pipes are so full of character.

They spoke of the Synthesis, and asked her how she liked it, but they did not wait for her to say.

She had begun to feel the charm of the Synthesis, which every one said she would feel.

I dress like the Synthesis, and I think like it, and I act like it.

The manner in which this synthesis may be effected is perfectly simple.

And we'll add everything I know of coordination, synthesis, and perception.