Combo [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Combo:

His targets have resulted in 64 more points than expected this season, nearly double that of the next best quarterback-tight end combo in Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers and Robert Tonyan.

Triple Eight’s helmets are a great buy to protect your beautiful brain, and they come in some awesome styles and color combos.

“It’s a perfect match for us both,” Benioff said, calling the combo a business “supercharger.”

It’ll save you from duplicating existing combos, as what you need may already exist by default.

If you have applications like this, you’ll need to manage your key combos inside each app rather than across macOS as a whole.

That combo should allow temperatures to drop below 50 degrees by late evening.

It’s complicated stuff, but the genius behind WHOOP’s strap-and-app combo is that it strips away all the noise and makes it incredibly easy to monitor—and then assess and react to—your baseline metrics.

Every county has at least a couple of options for voting — a combo of in-person voting on Election Day and an extended period for early voting, for example.

He was a ragged little man out of a hole but he was money in the bank to Stanley's four-piece combo.

Conclusion: If we wanted to keep eating, we'd have to persuade John Smith to join our combo.