Conglomeration [noun]

Definition of Conglomeration:

accumulation, potpourri

Synonyms of Conglomeration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conglomeration:


Sentence/Example of Conglomeration:

It was furnished in a manner that would have delighted a connoisseur, but Elizabeth did not admire the conglomeration.

And these examples prove that bodies are nothing but a conglomeration of molecules.

The conglomeration of personalities effaces the identity alike of the statesman and the artist, the savant and the cyprian.

He sat and gazed in blank dismay at the odd conglomeration on the plate that Frank had passed to him.

The huge conglomeration of sights and sounds made an unforgettable impression upon her.

An iron bed rested against the wall, and the customary conglomeration of old furniture cluttered the floor.

Senator Jones asked, "And what effect did you expect this extraordinary conglomeration to have?"

I could only look upon the whole conglomeration—scientists, politicians, common man and all—as thoroughly irresponsible.

It is appalling to see the conglomeration of indigestible substances which a sick person is allowed to eat.

For the simple federation of autonomous tribes was now replaced by the conglomeration of all tribes into one single body.