Miscellany [noun]

Definition of Miscellany:

varied collection

Opposite/Antonyms of Miscellany:

Sentence/Example of Miscellany:

Dr. Rajendralal Mitra used to edit an illustrated monthly miscellany.

Instead there were two other choices, a lot 313 and a miscellany steak.

The other type of publications, alluded to, is the miscellany.

Richardson had printed the Miscellany between 1733 and 1736.

The Miscellany Observations, appear to have been written after the trials.

Mr. Hartwig's miscellany being a favorite—what can I call it, sand-hill?

The misfortune of the Miscellany, I suppose, was that its publishers had no capital.

The Miscellany is intended to be an American companion to that publication.

This is just what the original contributors to the Miscellany have done.

In the first place, the plan of the Miscellany is frankly imitative.