Olio [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Olio:

That'll be all for the olio; I'll go right into the after-show now.

An age, or a country; or an olio of all ages and all countries?'

I might indeed, following the example of the Sunday newsmonger, call it the Olio.

I must have an olio pot,' she said, 'an olio pot, and the heaviest one.

If you could do anything at all, Hannah, you'd lead a chorus and go in the olio.

But I have such an olio of affairs, really I know not what to do.

Though I do not doubt but they are an olio of lies and scandal, I should like to see them.

Think of paying three or four francs for less than half a pound sott 'olio in Paris.

Olmeto and the neighbouring village of Olio have both an exceedingly bad reputation.