Stew [noun]

Definition of Stew:

mixture, miscellany

Synonyms of Stew:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stew:

Sentence/Example of Stew:

Cover them with water, and stew it slowly for an hour, skimming it well.

Pour in three quarts of water, and stew it gently an hour and a half.

Stew it slowly for at least four hours or more, in proportion to its size.

Cover the pan closely, and let it stew till the kidney is tender.

It will take at least five hours to stew; or more, in proportion to its size.

Cover them with boiling water, and let them stew slowly for about an hour.

Boil or stew them, slowly in the same manner as large fowls.

Cover the pan, and boil or stew them, till they are all to pieces.

Then pour in a little wine, and sufficient water to stew the fish.

Keep the cover on the stewpan, but stir the stew occasionally.