Anthology [noun]

Definition of Anthology:

literary collection

Synonyms of Anthology:

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Sentence/Example of Anthology:

The anthology features 90 writers, with each taking on a different five-year period to provide a kaleidoscopic and impressive approach to retelling history.

This dialogue occupies the first place in our anthology, and it is, from several points of view, a significant work.

At the same time there is no body of dialect verse which better deserves the honour of an anthology.

This is the first attempt at an anthology of Yorkshire poetry, and the forerunner of many other anthologies.

But the earliest work with which we need deal is an anonymous anthology, which forms an exception to the general rule.

An anthology of the literature of social protest, with an introduction by Jack London, who calls it "this humanist Holy-book."

Then turning to the title-page: "'An Anthology collected by—' What makes you like reading poetry?"

An anthology of Irish poetry selected by an editor whose own verse has won a considerable reputation.

Law becomes thus a sort of anthology of various existing crowd-hobbies.

Bever and Lautaud's anthology contains samples of some forty or fifty more poets.