Cumulation [noun]

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So we shall speak of the type of historical cumulation as standing between evolution and bare temporal sequence.

There is a sort of cumulation of consecutive phases, the later ones being impossible without the earlier.

We have called one type of history evolution, the other cumulation; but how have these higher types been reached?

And this process is not less a process of cumulation than any other sort of development or so-called progress in history is.

The smallest cause, by cumulation of its action, can attain the greatest results.

The cumulation of all these passionate antagonisms would only make him the more desperate, she knew.

Inherited the feeling must be,—but through what cumulation of ancestral pain?

They depend for their consistency on repetition; there is no attempt at cumulation.

Providence is too just to allow such cumulation of suffering.

All this proves that what Hegel regarded as an evolution of the race is only a cumulation.