Patchwork [noun]

Definition of Patchwork:

mixture, hodgepodge

Synonyms of Patchwork:

Opposite/Antonyms of Patchwork:

Sentence/Example of Patchwork:

Our pledge was not merely to do a patchwork job with secondhand materials.

He stripped to his underclothes and turned in under the patchwork comforters.

My heart sank; patchwork was the thing my mother had tried to have me do, and I hated it.

This new and patchwork Court does but try to imitate the tone of its leader.

Tests and forethought must take the place of failure and patchwork.

It would still do for Mother's patchwork if we ironed it afterwards.'

Now, if you want to sew this patchwork for grandma's quilt, I'll tell you what I shall do.

The calico pieces went into the rag-bag, and that was the last of Prudy's patchwork.

Even the Patchwork Girl might be ripped to pieces if she dared attempt it.

They held famine at bay with a patchwork quilt and a crazy washstand.