Muddle [noun]

Definition of Muddle:

confused state

Opposite/Antonyms of Muddle:

Sentence/Example of Muddle:

"He can advise us and help us to put the muddle right," said Mrs. Ware.

Paris was going on—all that muddle and maze of worried people.

You merely come here because Mr. Kenyon is in a muddle about what I am going to do.

Philip would have a spasm of horror at the muddle he had made.

These books are only good to muddle your head and make you jumpy.

And we stumble about with our senses, making a muddle of our earth.

It is a muddle, perhaps, and a puzzle; I doubt if anybody quite understands it.

Miss Upton's accounts were still in a muddle when she reached Keefe.

And I'm a cripple, and she's beautiful—— Oh, my mind's in a muddle!

What makes the muddle is that she isn't clear about the creature she wants most.